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Living in alignment with your soul purpose
Living in alignment with the stars

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Creating an authentic life. Creating a balanced life.

Welcome! I'm Pamela; yogini, astrologer, nurturer and free spirit! I have been moving to the beat my whole life; movement is medicine and when energetically aligned we step into our greatest power. From a young age I danced which ignited a spark deep within me to feel alive and express myself authentically. Stepping out of dance shoes, it was a curious heart that led me to the mat. It served and continues to serve as a holding place for my emotions, my heartache, my joy, my playtime and I haven't looked back since. 

My love of the stars and wondering 'What's up there?' has led me to live in tune with the moon and study how the planets affect us on a psychological and esoteric level. When you step into the world of Pure Love Yoga you will be guided through lunar rhythms- a way for daily living and much more. If you are curious as to how the planets affect you then let's take a look at your birth chart.

The essence of Pure Love Yoga is to honour and incorporate the traditions of the ancient practise of yoga in an accessible and fun way. Yoga doesn't discriminate nor separate: it wants you to bring your rawness, your vulnerability, your curiosity, your injuries, your passion to be yourself and to dive in. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word 'yoke, join, unite'. Pure Love Yoga is about coming together as a community, a satsang, a kula in a space that is both supportive and nurturing. Take your practise to the next level through the alchemical systems of the practise of yoga.

Yoga finds you when you are ready so why not unroll your mat and get started? In our fast paced world there is no better remedy than giving yourself the gift of yoga. 


  • 8.50 British pounds

  • 5 British pounds

  • 1 hr

    Prices upon request

  • 10 British pounds

  • 8.50 British pounds

  • 8.50 British pounds
Astrology. Astrologer calculates a natal chart and makes a forecast of fate. Astrological


Aligning with the stars

Astrology is the study of the planets and their transits and how they are affecting us both personally and on a collective level. Tracking the movement of the planets help us to understand ourselves on a psychological and emotional level. We learn to have greater compassion for ourselves and those we interact with. You will be asked to supply your date, place and time of birth as exact as possible in advance of the reading and during your reading we will take a deep dive into your soul! Prepare to be astounded by what the stars reveal about your unique blueprint.



Hear What They’re Saying

''Pamela does so much more that ‘teach yoga’- she integrates so many aspects, breathing, meditation, relaxation, chakras, spiritual readings, guidance and affirmations, astrology and in particular the moon cycle as well as the postures themselves using both Sanskrit terminology and the more familiar descriptions. She is knowledgeable and takes her own development as a yogi seriously. If I had to sum up in 3 words the experience of attending Pamela’s classes I’d say-enjoyable, enriching and affirming. I don’t know what I’d do without them!''

Ruth, Newcastle

''Pamela brings both warmth and humour to her classes but also offers a sincere practise that weaves traditional texts, poetry and theme into each session. Her clear explanations of asana and pranayama and her calm demeanour make it a joy to experience. Reconnecting with Pamela over Zoom and being able to experience her beautiful, thoughtful teaching has been such a gift. The sense of balance she enables you to create remains with you- long after the class has ended''. 

Emma, Clevedon

''Online classes with Pure Love Yoga started off as a way to take time for myself during the pandemic as my local studios were closed. Pamela takes me from infectious energetic flow to soothing restorative yin classes in the comfort of my own home. The preparation that goes into each class is evident and I always leave feeling great and more knowledgeable- which is a nice bonus! It surprised me how possible it was to connect to a yoga community online, in a different country but the space is so welcoming, caring and fun. I plan to continue with online classes even when the studios reopen.''

Nicola, Glasgow

Yoga at Home

"To live totally means to explore Life in its full depth and dimension"



Come join the kula and keep up to date with news, offerings and classes and more. I can't wait to meet you!

Pamela Galbraith

yogini, astrologer, nurturer, free spirit,

Planet Earth, The Universe


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