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Terms & Conditions

Non-attendance, cancellations and refunds


If you fail to attend a pre-paid booked class that is held online or in person you will still be charged for the class.  


Recordings are available for all online classes if advance notice of 24 hours is given (email only). It is your responsibility to contact Pure Love Yoga within this time-frame otherwise a recording may not be sent and you will still be charged for the class. If you have requested a class recording this will be sent to you within 24 hours of the class start time and is available for 24-48 hours. The exact time of expiry will be specified on your recording email. It is your responsibility to complete the sent recording within the given timeframe and extensions cannot be given. This is your private link and should be not shared with any other persons. Technical issues with recordings will be dealt with during a convenient time for Pure Love Yoga.


Once an online class is booked, a refund can only be given less the admin fee or can be swapped for another class. 24 hours notice is needed (or before 5pm on Fridays if your booking is for a Monday morning). Please do not attend a class if you are unwell or injured (unless you have discussed an issue beforehand with Pamela Galbraith).


Cancellations for face to face classes must be made 48 hours before.


The quality and speed of your internet connection is your responsibility and is not the responsibility of Pure Love Yoga. Power failures are also not the responsibility of Pure Love Yoga.


Pure Love Yoga has the right to cancel, amend or remove classes, workshops or retreats at any time. If you have booked a service and it is cancelled by Pure Love Yoga, this will be refunded to you or swapped to another service at a later date. 



Late attendance


If you enter an online class after the specified start time you forfeit entry to class as the room may be locked. If the room is not locked you may allowed to enter at the earliest convenience of the teacher. 


If you arrive more than 15 minutes late to a face to face class then you must make sure you are suitably warm before taking part in your yoga practise and you do so at your own risk. Missed classes due to external circumstances such as traffic or getting lost are not the responsibility of Pure Love Yoga. 




It is the participants responsibility to mute themselves on entry to all online classes and show respect to their fellow students and teacher alike. Bad language and aggressive behaviour will not be permitted and you will be removed and blocked from the room.


Participant videos are requested to be left on for health and safety purposes however the student has the right to turn their video off if they wish and at their own discretion.


It is your responsibility to disclose any injuries, illness, limitations or any other factors that may affect your practise. You must also ensure your physical space is safe to practise in and free from any obstacles that may cause injury or harm.


Whilst practising in a face to face class, it is your responsibility to manage and take care of your own equipment and possessions. Pure Love Yoga cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of personal items. By attending an in person class, you agree to treat the space with respect and if using any equipment, you do so with care and clean it after use.



Retreats and workshops


(For online workshops please see information above for class terms and conditions)


When attending a retreat held by Pure Love Yoga you are certifying that you are medically fit to fly (in the case of overseas retreats). You must declare any treatment that might impact your practise. It is your responsibility to make your own travel arrangements and obtain adequate insurance; travel and medical insurance. Any injury or harm whilst practising yoga or meditation is not the responsibility of Pure Love Yoga. Allergies or food intolerances must be declared when booking (as requested on booking form). If you undertake any excursions or activities away from the retreat venue then you take sole responsibility for your own wellbeing and do so at your own risk. Possessions lost, stolen or damaged while on retreat are not the responsibility of Pure Love Yoga or the retreat venue; you must care for your own possessions.


Missed or delayed flights and transfers are not the responsibility of Pure Love Yoga and you must allow for such instances. You must ensure you have a valid passport that has not expired and have obtained a visa if required.


Refunds will not be given unless your place can be filled by another participant. In the instance of the retreat being cancelled by the venue, your money will be refunded. 



Covid-19. You must ensure you have adequate insurance and check the destination country’s policy for entry (check the government website regularly for updates). You must ensure you have all relevant documentation including vaccination status/proof and have obtained this in adequate time. Failing to gather relevant documentation which impacts your ability to enter the country of destination is your responsibility. You must adhere to the destination country’s Covid-19 policy and wear a mask if requested unless you have proof of medical exemption. 




I (the participant), understand that partaking in any class, workshop or retreat with Pamela Galbraith of Pure Love Yoga whether online or face to face, do so at my own risk. I declare that I am fit and well and have sought medical clearance to practise if this is necessary.


I declare that I am solely responsible for my own wellbeing whilst practising and participating in yoga, meditation and other physical activities and waive, release and forever discharge Pamela Galbraith of Pure Love Yoga from all such liability, loss, injury, death, cost, claims, damages or expenses that may occur before, during or after participation in any and all activities.




I (the participant) certify that all information from online, face to face classes, workshops and retreats is held in strictest confidence. I understand that I must also respect the personal information of others within the group I am interacting in. I understand my login details as well as Zoom links to online classes are mine and mine alone. I will not share this information with other people, regardless of their registration status. 



For further information and to discuss the Terms and Conditions or any other relevant information, please email 




Pamela Galbraith, Pure Love Yoga 

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