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Astrology. Astrologer calculates a natal chart and makes a forecast of fate. Astrological


Astrology is the study of the planets and their transits and how they affect us both personally and collectively. Understanding this can help us on a psychological level to have greater compassion for how we are and thus improve our relationship with ourselves and those we come into contact with. When you have a natal chart reading you will be asked to supply your date, place and time of birth as exact as possible. Your natal chart will then be generated based on your unique details and during your reading I will discuss how these energies play out for you.


There are many areas of Astrology. I work with modern astrological techniques looking at the psychological affect planets can have upon us.  Each reading will offer you a different insight and understanding of you based on the timing of your chart.

Please email me to set up a convenient time and so I can take your birth details (date, time, and place of birth are essential) I can't wait to look at your chart! 


During this astrological reading we will take a deep dive into the language of who you are by looking at where the planets were at your time of birth. This is unique to you and through astrology, we begin to understand why we are the way we are and how events in our lives have unfolded given our unique mix of planetary alignments. We will also look at what is current for you and you will be given directives that can be implemented to help you navigate daily life and also your relationships with others. This can be highly transformational and give you compassion and understanding towards yourself and others. Each session will include a guided meditation unique to your chart (optional) and you will receive a recording of the session afterwards.

**There is the option for a mini-chart reading lasting 30 mins instead of an hour**

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A solar return is a reading based on the time when your Sun returns to its exact natal position by degree, minute and second. This does not correspond to a celestial day and each year the Sun returns earlier than the time of your birth. In this chart it is as if the sun is 'recharged' and a new perspective is gained by a different Sun/Moon relationship, a new Rising Sign offering possibilities and challenges for the year ahead. Through the reading you will be shown the potential for the year ahead and which energies may be 'lit up' for you. This reading does not have to be done exactly on your birthday and this chart reading is conducted after an initial natal chart reading as this information is invaluable in understanding your solar return. This is a wonderful gift for yourself or to others. I wish you many happy returns!

Astrology. Astrologer calculates a natal chart and makes a forecast of fate. Astrological
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