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Eclipse season and solstice celebration

The Manipura chakra is like the morning sun; meditating on it with gaze fixed on the tip of the nose one can stir up the world'  -Gorakshashatakam 

And just like that it was June and here we are again. We are almost at three months of lockdown and yet no clearer on where we are headed or how our lives will unfold. Maybe you feel a little more settled or accepting of being in a place of uncertainty because this is how life works isn't it? We never truly know where we are headed or what life is going to throw at us but our yoga practise allows us to face our challenges, dramas, discomforts and fears bringing us to a place of ease and equanimity knowing that joy is our true essence.  Our practise has, and currently is taking us on a journey through the chakra system and how we can use this information to better understand where there is depletion or excess. This helps us feel what we are feeling and balance what needs to be balanced. From our sturdy roots of the Muladhara, the first chakra, which gave rise to movement in the second chakra, Swadhistana (we moved a lot in our 'Yoga Dance Flow!') resulted in energy which is where we see the force of the third chakra, Manipura. This ascending current brings us the energy to stand in our power and will. As the sun becomes hotter and the days grow longer we feel the strength and power of Surya, the sun, and how this brings us towards increased action and vitality. Surya governs the Manipura chakra and it's purpose is transformation. Perhaps you have already felt this transformation? Many of you through your self-will have turned up without fail every week (if not multiple times per week) whilst dealing with discomfort, pain (physically and emotionally), lethargy or even a sense of yearning and looking forward to your practise. We now have to ask that as things start to ease with lockdown, where do we stand with our will to continue to practise? 

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This is beautiful.

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