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''Pamela breaks down the mysterious esoteric aspects of yoga into understandable and enjoyable parts. She fuses the spirituality with the physical, emotional and mental practicality of living in this world at this present time in the 21st century. There are few things in life that match the overall feeling of well-being, comfort and upliftment one experiences at the end of Pamela's classes''.

Lissa, Newcastle

''Pamela does so much more that ‘teach yoga’- she integrates so many aspects, breathing, meditation, relaxation, chakras, spiritual readings, guidance and affirmations, astrology and in particular the moon cycle as well as the postures themselves using both Sanskrit

terminology and the more familiar descriptions. She is knowledgeable and takes her own development as a yogi seriously. If I had to sum up in 3 words the experience of attending Pamela’s classes I’d say-enjoyable, enriching and affirming. I don’t know what I’d do without them!''

Ruth, Newcastle

''Pamela brings both warmth and humour to her classes but also offers a sincere practise that weaves traditional texts, poetry and theme into each session. Her clear explanations of asana and pranayama and her calm demeanour make it a joy to experience. Reconnecting with Pamela over Zoom and being able to experience her beautiful, thoughtful teaching has been such a gift. The sense of balance she enables you to create remains with you- long after the class has ended''.

Emma, Clevedon

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